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Sonny Kinnaird 

Excellent site... Found it by accident... Don't ride... Had a Triumph back in the late 1950s... Always wanted another but now would need training wheels... We, being me and my wife and sometimes visiting friends have always enjoyed the Nisqually Bar & Grill... Friendly staff and food has always been good...

Evette Saenz Email

This site is wonderful & I feel obligated to my fellow riders to beware of Four Corners bar & grill in Maple Valley. A friend of mine was injured in a violent crime & I threw a benefit ride for him. I asked the owner Fred if he could do a breakfast to start my ride off & donate some of the proceeds to the cause. He said yeah we can do that, we will do a biscuit gravy & eggs. The morning of the ride he left a note with his bartender to let me know he wouldn't be donating anything. I was upset but didnt want to get off on a bad note so I didnt let anyone know. During the breakfast the bartender was asked by someone how much of the breakfast goes to the cause. She sent them to me to tell them that we were getting nothing. The owner & his son both ride & I have known them both for 30years if they did this to me a loyal customer they will do it to others.
I would like to recognize the 3 other BFB's Red Dog Saloon, Yella Beak & City Hall Saloon who donated the entire spaghetti feed to my friend & helped me along the way advising me beings I had never done anything like this before. We raised nearly $7000.
I hope you let our friends know about this, so no one else goes thru this. I brought in 62 bikes that morning & I'm pretty sure he wont see my friends again.

SnakeMac Email

Just an old, read that as ancient, biker. Thought I check this site out. Moved to Oregon a few years back, now living (surviving) in Corvallis.
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